Navigating the realities of life with ease

Are you feeling like life is an endless grind instead of a joyful pursuit?

Stress running the show?

Do you have great intentions but still your communication is not being received well?

Is your team arguing and underperforming?

I bet you would like life to feel easier to manage, systematically. Turns out we have a vast array of scientifically based, proven effective information that tells us how to do exactly that. Dr. Carrie offers a framework for identifying the central problem, managing emotions, decreasing negative thoughts and using skillful action to help move you towards the type of personal and professional life you want. She helps get you out of drama and conflict and into creation mode.

After 20 years in private practice as a psychologist, Dr. Carrie is switching gears to bring her framework off the individual therapy couch and into the conference room. She is passionate about helping more than one person at a time and is thrilled to teach her approach to groups from 10-150.

Ready to enjoy life more, with less emotional intensity and have more skillful responses to life’s inevitable ups and downs? Let Dr. Carrie help you figure out your next best move for you, your team or your organization. Call her at 303-355-6682 or send her an email by using the contact form below.


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